Earth for All Survey 2024 Results Launch

What do people around the world think about political and economic transformation?

Join a webinar to explore the results of a major new survey which asked 22,000 people across the world’s largest economies their opinion on issues from tax reform to democracy.

The Earth for All 2024 Survey, commissioned by Earth4All and the Global Commons Alliance and carried out by Ipsos, reveals overwhelming public support for progressive tax reforms and broader political and economic changes to reduce inequality and increase wellbeing. In this webinar Ipsos will present the findings, and our panel will discuss their implications in a year where billions of people worldwide go to the polls.

Presenters and panellists

Mia Fennimore Holdsworth, Ipsos

Owen Gaffney, Narrative Lead, Earth4All

Katharine Hurwitz, Ipsos

Aishwarya Machani, ISWE

Zoe Tcholak-Antitch, Global Commons Alliance

Michael Weatherhead, Wellbeing Economy Alliance

Earth for All Survey 2024 Results Launch

Wellbeing Economy Forum

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