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The next ten years must see the fastest economic transformation in history. How do we achieve this together? By building the widest possible movement of people and organisations.

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Take a Giant Leap

Four girls. Two possible futures. How will our decisions today impact their lives?
Read our interactive storybook about four girls across the globe and find out how their futures unfold if we stay on our current path - or take a Giant Leap.

Wealth for all: a Universal Basic Dividend

Get the facts about Universal Basic Dividend as a game-changing innovation to target inequality, increase economic security, and conserve our natural resources for the benefit of all. 

Absorbing the shock of the energy transition

Our op-ed on why a Universal Basic Dividend and Citizen’s Fund is the shock absorber we need to embrace the coming decades of change

Learn about the 2023
Earth4All Action Week

Ahead of COP28, Earth4All joined forces with people around the globe to challenge world
leaders to fundamentally transform the economic system so that it prioritises wellbeing
for all and a healthy planet.

Take action with Earth4All

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Call on world leaders to tax the rich

Despite the fact that the world has never been so wealthy, most people are kept in a state of economic insecurity.


Upgrade the global financial system

We must act now to tackle the escalating climate crisis and rising poverty. 

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We encourage citizens worldwide to engage in conversations that will jumpstart the transformation of our economic system to one that puts wellbeing before profit.

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The Earth4All initiative is part of a collective movement: we encourage you to use the campaign materials below.

You may use the “Inspired by Earth4All” logo as you please. To use the Earth4All logo, please contact for permission.

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