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The next ten years must see the fastest economic transformation in history.
How do we achieve this together? By building the widest possible movement
of people and organisations.

Join the 2023
Earth4All action week

Organise or participate in events to kickstart discussions on systems change for a sustainable future during the 2023 Earth4All Action Week from 1-15 November 2023.

It's time to upgrade the global financial system

To achieve wellbeing for all on a liveable planet, governments must reform the global financial system to unlock the trillions of dollars needed to confront today’s urgent challenges.

Start a conversation

We encourage citizens worldwide to engage in conversations that will jumpstart the transformation of our economic system to one that puts wellbeing before profit.

From organising a workshop on storytelling to hosting a book club, there are countless ways you can actively contribute to this change.

Add your name for a more equal world

By tackling wealth and income inequality, governments can act to reduce social tensions, improve wellbeing for all and make democracies more stable and resilient.

Help spread the word

The dominant economic model is destabilising societies. And the planet. Despite new economic ideas that are getting ground, despite millions of people worldwide working to create societies based on wellbeing, and within planetary boundaries, governments are not doing enough. The world cannot afford more delays.

Campaign materials

The Earth4All initiative is part of a collective movement. If you find our narrative and findings useful, we encourage you to use the campaign materials below.

The toolkit contains a variety of assets that can be used freely. If you are organising a conversation around Earth4All you can use the logo “inspired by”. Please let us know the outcome of your conversation! 

Please follow the guidelines below and contact for permission to use the logo. 

Ask your politician

Use your power to call on governments to upgrade our system. Please select
a country and ask them to support Earth4All’s proposals:

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If you believe it is time to upgrade our economic system, take action with us today.