The dominant economic model is destabilising societies and the planet.

It is time for change.

The story of Earth4All

Earth4All is an international initiative to accelerate the systems-change we need for an equitable future on a finite planet.  Our analysis combines the best available science with new economic thinking. We found that the next ten years must see the fastest economic transformation in history if we want to steer humanity away from social and ecological catastrophe. 

It is time to upgrade our economic system.

Four girls, two futures

Our interactive storybook explores the lives of four girls across the globe.
Find out how their futures unfold if we stay on our current path -
or enact the five turnarounds and take a giant leap.

A new global deal: reforming world governance
10-point plan for IMF and World Bank to end Africa’s debt crisis
Earth4All selected as finalist for WIN WIN award

Earth4All contributes to new book outlining a global deal to accelerate progress on the Sustainable Development Goals

Africa’s debt crisis risks spiralling out of control unless urgent action is taken, warn 40+ leading economists and systems thinkers in an open letter in advance of the Spring Meetings of the IMF and World Bank.

Earth4All has been selected as a finalist for the WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award, recognising outstanding work towards a sustainable future.

We have modelled two possible scenarios

Too little too late

This scenario reflects our current trajectory. What if societies continue at a similar pace, setting incremental goals but failing to take strong collective action? Will we cross irreversible tipping points, threatening the foundations of Earth’s stable climate? Will skyrocketing inequality lead to worsening social tensions? 

Giant leap

This scenario assumes societies embark on a new path to a sustainable world by 2050. What if we fundamentally reconfigure our economies, energy and food systems so that they work for both people and the planet? Can we avoid the worst of climate change impacts and increase our societies resilience to shocks? Will we succeed in ending extreme poverty, guaranteeing everyone a healthy diet and access to quality education and healthcare?

The five extraordinary turnarounds to achieve the Giant Leap scenario

Earth4All has identified five extraordinary turnarounds needed to create wellbeing for all on a (relatively) stable planet. These five turnarounds hold the potential to bring about real systems change and can be achieved by implementing key policy goals. Five turnarounds to rethink economic growth as a measure of progress and set our societies on a safe pathway to wellbeing for all. 

Transformational economics

New ideas about how economies work are gaining ground. Which ideas show the most promise? Where are the overlaps? Which ideas can unite societies? And which ideas can bring long-term prosperity to the majority? Earth4All has gathered together leading economic thinkers in the Transformational Economics Commission to explore new economic paradigms. 

A call to action

Re-programming our economies so that they work for both people and the planet is the solution to today’s major challenges. To make this upgrade a reality, we need governments to implement bold policies aimed at increasing wellbeing for the majority. This is a call to action for governments. 

But Earth4All is also a call to action for citizens. By building a chorus of voices in support of the five extraordinary turnarounds, we can make politicians listen and take action to drive the needed transformations. 

This is why we need bold conversations in every home, every school, every university, every city and every parliament. What is the future we want? How can our operating system get us there? 

All of us have a role to play to support the transformation towards a world where everyone and the planet can thrive. 

Get involved

If you believe it is time to upgrade our economic system, take action with us today.