Earth4All Kenya Report Launch

Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP) and The Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) will launch the Earth4All: Kenya report on 27 June 2024 at the the 7th KIPPRA Annual Regional Conference in Kisumu City, Kenya.

About the report

As part of Earth4All’s national engagement strategy in Kenya, PEP and KIPPRA have worked together to produce the Earth4All: Kenya report, applying the Earth4All model to the Kenyan context. This report includes elaborating on the current national economic, political, and social context, and providing policy implications. PEP and KIPPRA have held national stakeholder consultations, external review, and validation of the report by stakeholders.

The launch event

The report will be launched during the official opening of the conference. PEP and KIPPRA will also host a session to share and discuss the report with stakeholders, including officials from national and county governments, representatives of national authorities from the regional economic blocs, local and regional think tanks, as well as development partners, civil society, persons with disabilities and other special interest groups.

This session will be held under one of the 10 thematic areas of the conference: “Value chain development, industrial crops, natural resources, and emerging sectors”. This theme relates to the turnarounds on food systems and energy transformation in the Earth4All Kenya report.


The event will be livestreamed. This event page will be updated with the livestream link in the coming weeks.

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Earth4All Kenya Report Launch

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