MIT Sustainability Summit: Systems Change

Co-President of the The Club of Rome and Executive Chair of Earth4All Sandrine Dixson-Declève will open the 2024 MIT Sustainability Summit with her talk her, “From Limits to Growth to Earth to All,” where she will share her invaluable insights and strategies for steering the world towards a sustainable future.

The Summit’s central theme is the urgent need for systemic change to address climate challenges, emphasizing collaborative, cross-sectoral action for sustainability. It focuses on creating positive tipping points in key sectors like agriculture, construction, and transportation, leveraging system dynamics and innovation to transition towards a sustainable, net-zero future by 2040.

During the Conference’s breakout sessions, participants will join one of three critical structural themes essential for our planet’s sustainability:

Biodiversity and Agriculture Challenge: Achieving climate-resilient, sustainable agriculture as the norm by 2040.
Build Environment Challenge: Establishing near-zero emissions cement and concrete production as the global standard by 2040.
Transportation Challenge: Decarbonizing long-haul trucking to be accessible, affordable, and sustainable by 2040.


Registration is required, and discounted tickets are available for students, professionals in academia, activism, and/or the non-profit sector, and MIT alumni.

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