Solving the Climate Crisis with Per Espen Stoknes

Face of Per Espen Stoknes in front of a forest background

The Pachamama Alliance is organising a conversation with Per Espen Stoknes, project lead at Earth4All and co-author of Earth for All: A Survival Guide for Humanity. As an internationally recognized climate psychologist, author, and economist, he has devoted his career to exploring how humanity can build a better future for the planet and its people.

Per Espen is known for his work on climate change and sustainable business practices. In addition to Earth for All, he has authored several books, including “What We Think About When We Try Not to Think About Global Warming,” and has been recognized for his efforts in promoting sustainable solutions.

This call is part of Resilience and Possibility in These Times, a series of online offerings to support us all in staying connected to one another, to a vision for the future, and to the spirit of life in these times.

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