The inequality turnaround: sharing dividends

As part of the Earth4All national engagement strategy for Austria, the Austrian Chapter of The Club of Rome is organising a series of workshops on the Earth4All turnarounds. On 5 March 2024, the University of Salzburg will host, in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, the Mozarteum University and the UniNEtZ project, an event focused on the inequality turnaround. Under the title “The Inequality turnaround: Sharing Dividends”, the report describes the problems of economic inequality, the policies that would lead to a Giant Leap towards more equality, as well as hurdles and obstacles along the way.

The inequality turnaround is based on three fundamental policies that enable a continuous development towards a new economic paradigm:

  • a stronger tax progression on income and wealth
  • strengthening workers’ rights and promoting trade union bargaining power;
  • “safety nets” and “innovation nets” to distribute wealth more evenly and secure it in a time of profound change (for example, comprehensive concepts such as a universal basic income/dividend).

As with the first two events on the energy and food turnarounds, this topic will be discussed with experts, stakeholders and practitioners after a high-level keynote speech from Kate Pickett, a member of The Club of Rome and the Earth4All Transformational Economics Commission.


The event will be in German, except for Kate Pickett’s presentation which will be in English.

Online participation

There will be a livestream of the event.

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