Call on world leaders to upgrade the global financial system

We must act now to tackle the escalating climate crisis and rising poverty. For the first time in a generation, the number of people living in extreme poverty is increasing. What’s more, low-income countries, despite being the least responsible, bear the brunt of climate change’s impacts.

But the current global financial system, operating on outdated and unfair rules, is failing to address the magnitude of these current crises.

That’s why we are calling on world governments to upgrade the global financial system to support low-income countries in their fight against climate change and poverty 

Specifically, we ask them to: 

1️⃣ Cancel debt for low-income countries. 

2️⃣ Reform the governance of international financial institutitions for fairer representation.

3️⃣ Use mechanisms like Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) and taxes to boost finance for climate action.

Join us in demanding an upgraded financial system that unlocks trillions of dollars for clean energy, climate adaptation, poverty elimination, education, healthcare, and more!

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