Imagining an Earth for All through art: Tutti per la Terra exhibition in Milan

On the occasion of World Environment Day (June 5), italian newspaper La Repubblica, in partnership with Illustri, commissioned a series of art pieces from Italy’s finest illustrators in the context of the Green&Blue festival. The objective of the project, entitled Tutti per la Terra, was to spark reflections on climate change using art as a means of expression. Through this initiative, the artworks aimed to challenge the prevailing apocalyptic narratives surrounding environmental crises and present a powerful counter-narrative.

The culmination of this artistic project took place in Milan, where the artworks found their home in an awe-inspiring installation at BAM, the Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano.

As one delves into the artistic tapestry, it becomes evident that more than just aesthetics, these pieces encompass a profound vision. The strokes of the artists’ pens gracefully depict a world where humanity coexists in harmony with nature, where ecosystems thrive in unison with the human experience, forging deep and meaningful connections. 

Tutti per la Terra urges viewers to recognize the delicate symbiosis between all living beings and our planet and encourages everyone to take an active role in safeguarding the future of our shared home.

We have shared the illustrations and their creators below — we hope you enjoy them!


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