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Systems change, not climate change

Co-organised by Earth4All and Rethinking Economics

We invite individuals, organisations, businesses, and governments to participate in the 2023 Earth4All Action Week and engage in conversations that will jumpstart the transformation of our economic system. Together, we can make change happen! 

Ahead of COP28, Earth4All is joining forces with people around the globe to challenge world leaders to fundamentally transform the economic system so that it prioritises wellbeing for all and a healthy planet.

Join the Earth4All Action Week by organising an event in your community or join an event near you, and discuss how our economies must change to better serve people and the planet.

By kickstarting and engaging in conversations, you are actively participating in the shift towards a new economic system. Together, let’s seize this opportunity to create dialogues, bring more people onboard and reshape our economy so that it serves people and planet.

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Check out our guides on how to organise a workshop on storytelling, a book club or a discussion using our Earth4All card game.​

Use the “Inspired by Earth4All logo” for your communications. Don’t forget to tag us on social media and use the hashtag #Earth4All

Discover our visuals, videos, brand guidelines and charts in our Earth4All communications toolkit.

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During the Ideathlon, students will participate in a design sprint where they’ll delve into understanding a company’s broader purpose and its impact on society.


Coalición Tricolor is organising a workshop on system-thinking on tools for policy design with the local government of Mexico City.


Earth4All and CliMates are organising workshops on systems-thinking at the LCOY in Austria. A Youth Declaration summarising their ideas will be given to the Austrian youth delegation to share with the government and COP28.

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The World Climate School invites you to ReThink! and modernise the ecological movement. Systems thinking enables different perspectives on the same challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Earth4All Action Week is co-organised by the Earth4All initiative and Rethinking Economics.

From November 1st to November 15th, 2023, we’re calling on anyone who shares Earth4All’s key ideas to join our Action Week. You can be part of the Action Week by organising an event in your community or participating in existing ones. The goal of the Action Week is to build momentum around system change ahead of COP28 in December.

You can create your own event and invite your neighbours, family, or community to participate. You have a wide array of event options to choose from, including book clubs, workshops, and presentations. Or, you can participate in events organised near you or online. Check out the map for Action Week events to find one or more that interest you.

While we cannot offer individual logistical or financial support to organisations and individuals during the Action Week, we’ve designed comprehensive guides containing practical instructions for event organisation. Furthermore, we’ll be happy to assist you in promoting your event and reaching a wider audience. To do this, please register your event on our website and mention us on social media so that we can share your post. Remember to include our #Earth4All hashtag for visibility. Disclaimer: we reserve the right to withhold approval for an event and shall not be held responsible for an event’s content.

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