Start a conversation, make change happen

We encourage citizens worldwide to engage in conversations to jumpstart the transformation of our economic system so that it works for both people and the planet.

The economy affects every aspect of our lives — work, income, housing, healthcare, education, and more. So imagine harnessing the economy’s potential to ensure that each one of us leads our best possible life while preserving the stability of our planet — an incredible vision, isn’t it?

This transformative shift is already underway: people across the globe are questioning the existing system and reimagining a future where our economy prioritises collective wellbeing over mere profit.

By engaging in conversations, you actively participate in this shift, fostering an environment for change and collaborative problem-solving.

Together, let’s seize the opportunity to reshape our economic system and build a future that benefits everyone.

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Host a workshop

Create stories for our future

Unleash the power of imagination and visualise how the choices our governments make today will impact our lives for decades to come.

Play the Earth4All card game

Through experience-based thinking, engage in playful and insightful discussions on the priorities for transformation in your community.

Set up a book club

Host an Earth for All book club

Book clubs offer a wonderful opportunity to unpack concepts and engage in meaningful discussions, while encouraging the joy of reading.

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