Beyond Growth Austria

Earth4All is pleased to be a partner of Beyond Growth Austria, a conference celebrating groundbreaking ideas and necessary discussions about our future that go beyond traditional boundaries. The event will feature interventions from Earth4All contributor Kate Raworth and Fritz Hinterberger, vice-president of the Austrian Chapter for The Club of Rome.

Through three full days of keynotes, workshops and open discussions, participants will share approaches on how we can achieve a good life for everyone – without the constant pressure for economic growth.

The event brings together politicians and decision-makers, media and civil society in search of innovative economic policy solutions and pathways to truly sustainable prosperity. Citizens, students and pupils are all invited to take part and join in the discussion.

The opening event will be held in the Austrian parliament, with further talks and workshops taking place at the Billrothhaus.

Indicators: Measuring Prosperity Differently

14 May, 17:00-18:30 CEST
Language: German

Many consider economic growth, in terms of ever increasing GDP, as the most important economic and social goal. However, our economy is reaching its limits. While sales and profits continue to rise, humanity and the planet face growing inequality and environmental crises. GDP is not a useful indicator if we are looking to create economies that better benefit people and planet. Which indicators can better contribute to the wellbeing of Austrians within planetary boundaries – now and in the future? And how do we implement this? This session will feature a keynote by member of The Club of Rome Kate Raworth followed by a panel discussion.

Keynote speaker: Kate Raworth – Author of Doughnut Economics. (Video message)
Panelists include:  Nadja Najjar – DG Employment – EU Commission, Policy Officer Fair and Green Jobs, Fritz Hinterberger, Changing Growth Austria, Board Member, Alexandra Wegscheider-Pichler, Statistics Austria, SDG coordinator, Christoph Streissler – AK Vienna, consultant for the environment and department Traffic and Manuel Grebenjak, Radius, Co-founder.

Moderated and hosted by Till Kellerhoff, The Club of Rome Programme Director and Earth4All Project Coordinator.

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Beyond Growth Austria

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