Beyond Growth Conference Italy

Earth4All is pleased to be a partner of the 2024 Beyond Growth conference in Rome. The event offers a fertile meeting ground to explore sustainable visions and alternatives to the paradigm of incessant economic growth. With expert-led discussions and presentations, the intent is to critically explore the paradigms of sustainable, post-growth and degrowth development, addressing urgent issues such as the climate and ecological crisis, and the reorganization of work, welfare and care from a degrowth perspective.

Earth4All contributors Kate Raworth and Lorenzo Fioramonti will be presenting at the conference: Kate will offer an opening address on April 19 at the Chamber of Deputies at 14:05, while Lorenzo will host a roundtable at 17:35pm.


Registration is required for those wishing to attend in person. The first day of the event will be livestreamed on the conference website, no registration required.

Beyond Growth Conference Italy

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