Earth4All Action Week 2023

We invite individuals, organisations, businesses, and governments to participate in the 2023 Earth4All Action Week and engage in conversations that will jumpstart the transformation of our economic system. Together, we can make change happen!
Ahead of COP28, Earth4All is joining forces with people around the globe to challenge world leaders to fundamentally transform the economic system so that it prioritises wellbeing for all and a healthy planet.

Join the Earth4All Action Week by organising an event in your community or join an event near you, and discuss how our economies must change to better serve people and the planet.

By kickstarting and engaging in conversations, you are actively participating in the shift towards a new economic system. Together, let’s seize this opportunity to create dialogues, bring more people onboard and reshape our economy so that it serves people and planet.

Online launch – The System Within

Earth4All Kenya Report Launch

Webinar: Towards a Universal Basic Dividend