Earth4All Austria at the Vienna Climate Biennale

The Club of Rome – Austrian Chapter warmly invites you to the presentation of the Earth4All Austria report’s current status and collaborate in its ongoing development.

The discussions from public events, the collaborative efforts in workshops, interviews with stakeholders, surveys, and model results will all be included in this first report. However, the aim is not simply to present a report and say, “This is it, and this is what must be done.” This approach will not work and cannot succeed. This is a first draft, an interim report, a work in progress. Transformation is a process, and we see every day that we are all in the midst of it.

Therefore, the Club of Rome – Austria would like to present its findings from the past months and discuss them with the public, working together to further develop them. This great transformation towards the “Giant Leap” can only happen collectively, and your participation is welcomed.

Speakers and programme

The event will combine presentations of the preliminary report findings with interactive elements, Q&As, input from other Earth4All national engagement strategies and networking opportunities.

The organisers are pleased to welcome Leonore Gewessler, Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, and Anders Wijkman, Honorary President of the Club of Rome. The event will also see an intervention from performance artist Laura Sofía Oyuela Flores.

Language and online participation

The event will be held in German. It will be available via livestream on this link.

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