Wealth for all: a Universal Basic Dividend

Get the facts about Universal Basic Dividend and a Citizen’s Fund as a game-changing innovation to target inequality, increase economic security, and conserve our natural resources for the benefit of all. 

Your questions answered

Learn about what UBD is, how it works, and why we need it

The Alaska Permanent Fund

UBD – utopian or reality? Over 30 years of Alaska’s oil dividend shows what’s possible

Absorbing the shock of the energy transition

Our op-ed on why a Universal Basic Dividend and Citizen’s Fund is the shock absorber we need to embrace the coming decades of change

Read the deep-dives

As part of our series of Earth4All deep-dives, three papers led by Ken Webster explore the moral, economic and practical aspects of UBD.

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Bold proposals like a Universal Basic Dividend and Citizen’s Fund require bold conversations to build understanding and support.

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