Women in the labour market: Towards a gender-just planet by 2030

On International Women’s Day, the Italian National Council of Economy and Labour (CNEL), together with the Botanical Garden Museum of Rome, and the University “La Sapienza”, is hosting a debate on how to realise gender equity in the labour market and in education.

The event will start with a presentation of Earth For All: A Survival Guide for Humanity, a leading international project on the systemic changes needed this decade to ensure wellbeing for all within the limits of the planet. Gender equity, economic resilience, and healthy people on a healthy planet are part of the key turnarounds proposed by Earth For All, a project that wants to ignite fresh new conversations and engage policy makers to promote action in this decisive decade.


Consuelo Fabriani – Architect


Fabio Attorre – Director of the Botanical Garden of Rome

Tiziano Treu – CNEL President

Gianna Fracassi – CNEL Vice-President and Deputy Secretary General CGIL

Maria Chiara Carrozza – President of National Research Council (CNR)

Gianfranco Bologna – Editor of Una Terra per Tutti, Secretary General of the Aurelio Peccei Foundation, Club of Rome Full Member, Honorary President of the Scientific Community WWF Italy

Followed by a roundtable moderated by Riccardo Luna – Director, Green&Blue, featuring:

Daniela De Leo – Public Engagement Dean La Sapienza University

Enrico Giovannini – ASVIS Scientific Director and Club of Rome Full Member, Former Minister for Labour and Minister of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility

Simona Castaldi – Professor of Ecology, University of Campania, Scientific Manager SU-Eatable LIFE Project Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition

Rosalaura Romeo – FAO, Mountain Partnership

To register to attend, please email

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