We Choose Earth Tour

The WE CHOOSE EARTH TOUR is a global conference designed to engage and mobilize individuals and corporations to address the climate crisis and embrace environmental and social preservation.

Earth is calling us, and we are fully committed to leading the mission of protecting our planet. It’s not just about driving the energy transition. It’s about doing it in a fair and inclusive way. It’s about aligning technological innovation, policy debate, investment and social development in a powerful and positive movement that leaves no-one behind.

The conference brings together a set of influential voices from across the globe, including Cate BlanchettBan Ki-moonAlex HonnoldEarth for All co-author Sandrine Dixson-Declève and Vincent Stanley, who are working towards a future that fosters prosperity for the economy, the environment, and humanity, all while respecting our planetary boundaries.

Live streaming

The event offers both in-person attendance and a livestream package.

Online launch – The System Within

Earth4All Kenya Report Launch

Webinar: Towards a Universal Basic Dividend