From transformational economics to transformational leadership – COP26

On the 3rd of November at COP26 in Glasgow, Sandrine Dixson-Declève chaired the event ‘From Transformational Economics to Transformational Leadership”. The event, co-organised by The Club of Rome, Volans, SistemaB, the UN Economics Commission for Africa and the COP26 High-Level Champions for Climate Action, Gonzalo Muñoz and Nigel Topping, was part of the UNFCCC COP26 Future Labs series.

Photograph: Alan Harvey/ UK Government

Throughout the session, 17 activists, scholars, and business and thought leaders presented solutions and pathways, “pockets of the future”, to transform our economic system.

Setting the tone for the session, Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Co-President of the Club of Rome and one of the Earth4All project leaders, reminded that the climate crisis is more than statistics about weather patterns: “When we talk about climate, it’s actually about humans.”

The Rethinking Economics panel, chaired by Dr Kate Pickett, looked at the essential traits necessary for an economic system to confront the convergence of health, climate and biodiversity crises.

Dr Katherine Trebeck chaired the the second segment, which focused on exploring what transformation looks like in practice.

To listen to the speakers, a recording of the event can be found here.

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