Building a movement of movements to change our future

Luca Miggiano, Earth4All campaign leader

If you feel anxious about the climate or the level of inequality in the world, you are perhaps wondering when the next ‘shock’ or crisis will arrive. You are not alone.

If you are already experiencing how brutal this can be on your daily life, you may not even have the headspace to think beyond the end of the month, or the day.  

It is difficult not to get frustrated when governments are caught up in daily politics, when they accomplish so little, or worse, protect vested interests. If you are a policymaker and you are reading this, you also know it can be a struggle to challenge the status quo. You may feel alone and discouraged.  

But things may be just about to change. At Earth4All, we believe we are on the edge of a social tipping point. We can be the generation that makes this change happen. 

The recent approval of a UN Treaty to protect the ocean alongside the daily successes of millions of people around the world that are changing the life of their communities for the better, give us hope and energy.  

Change is possible if a significant number of people go in the same direction.    

When we published the Earth for All book last September, I wrote about the need to campaign for system change. Not just climate, not just inequality, not just women’s rights, not just nature. But all of them together – to transform our economies.  

We need a movement of movements to make it happen. Quickly.  

Citizens’ support is there. A recent survey confirms that a majority people support a transformation of our economic system to address the big challenges of our time.  

Over the last six months, the positive feedback around the Earth4All narrative and messages has grown and has taken us on unexpected routes.   

The book has been translated in five languages – English, German, Swedish, Japanese and Italian – and six more are planned for 2023. The book is being passed from hand to hand, between ordinary citizens as well as between high-level policymakers.  

The Earth4All collective voice is becoming stronger. During the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this year, our Transformational Economics Commission was featured in the media as they called on governments to promote more progressive taxation . The Commisson argued fairer taxation can be used to invest in public goods, like education, pensions, women’s empowerment and ensure much-needed transitions in the food and energy sectors. 

Earth4All modellers are further developing Earth4All regional and national models, as well as creating a user-friendly web-interface to navigate the model. We published new deep-dives and more are coming (check out the last two on material consumption and food systems).  

We organised the first in a series of Youth Solutions Forums, together with youth-group The 50 Percent, to create a space for young people to imagine the economy they want and need.  

First Earth4All youth solutions forum with the 50 Percent in Argentina, October 2022

We engaged in conversations with economists from wide-ranging perspectives about the limits of our planet, its tipping points, new ways to model and measure the economy.  

And people are taking up the ideas of Earth4All, by setting up book-clubs and organising their own events. To this end, we have created the logo “inspired by Earth4All” that everyone can use to drive the conversation forward, using the book as a starting point.   

More than 150 local groups endorsed Earth4All and are preparing to organise Earth4All debates or actions. Your organisation can join Earth4All by registering through this sign-up form. 

More can happen if we build a movement of movements

What if governments across the world set-up citizens’ assemblies to discuss economic transformation? What if governments and institutions eliminate debt for low-income countries? What if education for all girls becomes a reality? Can we imagine a different and better world?  

We think so.  

We must request change from governments. We must help them in grasping and leading system change. In January 2023, we started to work on national engagement strategies. If you are part of a government or engaging with one already, help us to create national conversations around the system change policies Earth4All is proposing.  

Can Earth4All turnarounds be a platform to discuss electoral programs? Can we build a group of parliamentarians across countries who support the Earth4All messages?  

Many countries will have elections in the coming couple of years: South Africa (2023), Argentina (2023), Pakistan (2023), New Zealand (2023), Indonesia (2024), South Korea (2024), European Parliament (2024) and the US (2024).  

We encourage parliamentarians from around the world to set-up interparty groups – across the political spectrum – to discuss how their country’s economy can be transformed to ensure wellbeing for all within planetary boundaries.   

On a global level, 2023 and 2024 may be the crucial years to upgrade the international finance architecture after 70+ years, which includes reforming the World Bank and IMF, and making progress on climate finance, debt, and new Special Drawing Rights. There’s also the G20 summits in first India and then Brazil – where governments can support progressive taxation to protect people, planet and prosperity – the SDG Summit and the UNFCCC COP28 – where more must be done to accelerate implementation of the SDGs and the Paris Agreement, including reforming the COP process itself.   

Earth4All is a science-based plan that is feasible and describes the possible futures of humanity. A plan whose aim is for everyone to be better off. It is not utopia. Our goal is to call on governments to make the “Giant Leap” to get us there. Are you ready to be an Earth4All champion? 

  • If you want to host a conversation or an event in your community, feel free to use the “inspired by Earth4All” logo to connect with the wider movement. Share the outcomes with us!
  • If you support Earth4All’s call for more progressive taxation, add your name to our petition.  
  • If you are a policymaker and you want to know more about Earth4All, please get in touch at
  • If you are an economist / researcher and would like to know more about the Earth4All model, please visit The Science page.  
  • If you are a publisher and would like to translate the book in a new language, let us know at

As I am watching the momentum for Earth4All grow, my call is to encourage you to join the movement by bringing this much-needed conversation to your workplace, your university, your parliament, the United Nations: What is the future we want? How can our operating system – our economies – get us there? 

What are your thoughts on this? React and engage via Twitter @Earth4All_ or submit a blog post for consideration to 

This article gives the views of the author(s), and not the position of Earth4All or its supporting organisations. 

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