IRDO international conference on innovative, sustainable and socially responsible society

Tree growing in a stairwell

The 19th IRDO International Conference on innovative, sustainable and socially responsible society will take place from 12-13 June 2024. The conference themes are environmental, social and governance aspects in theory and practice, and learning and action for sustainability and green transition. A sub-topic is dedicated to Earth4All: Economic transformation for sustainability and turnarounds in poverty, inequality, empowerment, food, and energy systems.

50 years after the Club of Rome report The Limits to Growth, several of the world’s leading experts and institutions have produced a new report: Earth for All – A Survival Guide to Humanity. They concluded that despite warnings, it is possible, desirable, and even essential to be optimistic about our collective future: the next decade must see the fastest economic transformation in history, the Giant Leap scenario. To help humanity avert ecological and social catastrophe, societies must adopt unprecedented and immediate systemic action across five interconnected turnarounds: poverty, inequality, empowerment, food, and energy. The possibilities to implement this scenario will be explored from the global, European, and Slovenian perspectives, with a special focus on the ongoing European green transition.

Effective implementation of ambitious policies for green transition requires empowerment in sustainability competencies to help humans develop agency, and form a knowledge basis for everyone who cares about our planet’s present and future state. Where do we stand in this respect – as local, national, European, and global communities, and as individuals? How far have our educational and other informative systems reached on this path, and how can we support these processes?


The full programme will be published in May 2024.


The conference takes place online with free participation offered for students under 30, and unemployed or retired participants.

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